Daily Schedule (2021-2022 After School )

        ● ​Student Age: school-age (K-5th Grade)

        ●​ Time: Aug 23 2021-June 8 2022   │ Mon-Fri (2:30-6:00pm)

        ●​ Pick-Up: We pick up students from the following schools. Tuition

           includes pick-up fees. 

                Chapel Hill: Glenwood, Rashkis, Ephesus, Seawell

                Durham:Creekside, Montessori Community ​School

        ●​ Registration fee: $35 per student​​​

Sample Class Schedule (if register all classes)

The following classes are offered in our after-school program: Chinese, Mathematics, and Art classes--Music, Painting, Handcrafts, Dance at NO extra charge.

Tuition and Fees (2021-2022 After School )

2021-22 Onsite

Quality Programs in Chinese, Mathematics and Arts

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