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​Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your payment. 

Prior to the first day of fall semester (Aug 26, 2024) you will receive another email from RedApple which includes school policies, pickup information, and tuition invoice.

Daily Schedule (2024-2025 After School )

      ● ​Student Age: school-age (K-5th Grade)

      ●​ Time: Aug 26, 2024 - June 12, 2025  │ Mon-Fri (2:30-6:00pm)

      ●​ Small-sized Classes: Teacher-student ratio under 1:10.

      ●​ Pick-Up: We pick up students from the following schools. Tuition

         includes pick-up fees. 

            Chapel Hill: Glenwood, Rashkis, Ephesus, Seawell

            Durham:Creekside, Montessori Community ​School

      ●​ School Bus: Glenwood Elementary and Woods Charter School have a school bus stop in front of RedApple. Students may take school bus to our after school (parents need to request PM transportation with your child's school).    


Sample Class Schedule (if register all classes)

The following classes are offered in our after-school program: Chinese, Mathematics, and Art classes--Painting, Handcrafts, and Music at NO extra charge.

General Info

Tuition and Fees (2024-2025 After School )

红 苹 果 中 文 学 校

Quality Programs in Chinese, Mathematics and Arts

RedApple Learning Campus

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